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Jos LeDuc Pants

(Pictured with Oliver Humperdink) Authentic Pants & Belt

Jos LeDuc Pants

Known as Wrestling’s Greatest Monster Heel, Jos LeDuc struck terror in the hearts of many. Pro Wrestling Stories author Bobby Mathews states,

"My favorite LeDuc moment was an unplanned spot where he heaves Jerry Lawler over the top rope and onto a table near ringside. I want to say *at* ringside, but that wouldn’t do the spot justice. LeDuc hurls Lawler like he’s going for gold in the Olympic King-tossing event. The bump broke Lawler’s leg. That was one of the things that made LeDuc frightening, though: He was so strong that if he wanted to do something, he generally did it.

Oh, and when I tell you that LeDuc was scary–I mean for real scary–take a look at him swearing a blood oath to get Jerry Lawler in the Memphis Coliseum. It’s one of the most intense interviews I’ve ever seen in 40+ years of watching wrestling."

Bobby Mathew's article can be found at

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