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Hall of Famers

Induction Class of 2023

Dan McLeod Headshot

Dan McLeod

BF Roller Headshot

Dr. B. F. Roller


Tom Connors

Verne Gagne Headshot

Verne Gagne

Gorgeous George Headshot

Gorgeous George (Wagner)

Mitsuharu Misawa Headshot

Mitsuharu Misawa

Bert Assirati Headshot

Bert Assirati

Bret Hart Headshot

Bret Hart

Bob Backlund Headshot

Bob Backlund

Keiji Muto Headshot

Keiji Muto

2023 Special Honors

Rocky Johnson Medal of Mettle

Trailblazer Award

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Christine "Teeny" Jarrett

Excelsior Award

2022 Special Honors

Rocky Johnson Medal of Mettle

Azaliah Farkas

Azaliah Farkas

New Jersey native, 12-year-old Azaliah Farkas was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and is also deaf and mostly non-verbal, but her love for professional wrestling and people in general is loud and clear.

With the help of her mother, Melissa, Azaliah’s love for sports has helped her become a much beloved fixture in her local community participating in numerous athletic events to include the Miracle League of Mercer County and the annual ‘Ainsley’s Angels Mileage Challenge’. Azaliah doesn’t let her disabilities stop her from simply loving and living life to the fullest.

Trailblazer Award

Dan Severn

It's with great pleasure that we announce UFC Hall of Famer, MMA legend, former NWA Champion and WWF(E) Superstar Dan "The Beast" Severn is the recipient of the 2022 IPWHF Trailblazer Award.

Full press release can be found here.

Excelsior Award

Anthony DiPippo

Anthony DiPippo

An honor to recognize an individual from another discipline whose contributions have elevated the art of professional wrestling, the 2022 Excelsior Award will be given to Anthony DiPippo of Carmel, NY, for his Wrestling for Innocence initiative, and his desire to become the first exoneree to become a professional wrestler. Wrestling for Innocence is a non-profit charity that strives to bring justice to persons wrongly convicted of criminal acts, using a range of fundraising methods, including staging wrestling shows. Presenting the award will be former five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. who will also be on hand during this year’s festivities to represent the initiative.

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2021 Special Honors

Rocky Johnson Medal of Mettle


Drew Hale

A huge wrestling fan from Johnstown, NY, it is very possible that Drew Hale might just be the toughest person in this Hall of Fame at age just ten years old. Drew has faced a long battle with a brain tumor and has undergone bouts of chemotherapy treatment. There is no question that Drew was a deserving winner of our first-ever Rocky Johnson Medal of Mettle Award in 2021, which is issued to a person associated with wrestling who has displayed tremendous toughness against adversity. 

Trailblazer Award


Rita Marie Chatterton

Rita Marie Chatterton helped break down barriers for equality within the mainstream professional wrestling landscape, by becoming the first-ever female referee in the World Wrestling Federation. She received the 2021 IPWHF  Trailblazer Award. This award is given to individuals from the world of professional wrestling who have helped promote positive change or innovation in the industry. As the sport of professional wrestling has grown to reflect our changing world, the IPWHF board was pleased to recognize Rita Marie for her outstanding contributions that include her body of work as a respective official of the squared circle. Employed during the global expansion of the WWF in the mid-1980s, Chatterton was a prominent on-air talent from a golden era for the company.

Excelsior Award

kaufman_excelsior 2.jpg

Andy Kaufman

An honor to recognize an individual from another discipline whose contributions elevated the art of professional wrestling, the 2021 Excelsior Award will be given to the late comedian Andy Kaufman.
Kaufman's  legendary rivalry with Jerry "The King" Lawler was key in propelling professional wrestling into the mainstream and into more American households than ever before. From Andy's famous promos and matches to the infamous "Letterman Incident", his performance led to one of the most famous rivalries in wrestling history.

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